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  • Architectural Design Services:

    • Site analysis

    • Schematic design

    • Floor plans and elevations

    • Renderings

    • Soil engineering and reports

    • Mechanical and structural engineering plans

    • Title 24 calculations and more

  • Interior and Exterior Design and Planning:

    • Development of Design Book

    • Interior and exterior finishes selection

    • Hardscape design and finishes

    • Landscape design and plant selection

    • Material selection & and sourcing, and more 

  • Permit Expediting:

    • Obtaining all necessary city/county

    • permits and clearances

  • Value Engineering and Budgeting:

    • Collaborating with soil engineers,
      structural engineers, and mechanical engineers

    • Developing cost-effective solutions without compromising design and construction quality


  • General Contracting

  • Building structures as per approved plans and permits. Overseeing subcontractors and ensuring adherence to construction documents, codes, processes and efficiency standards.

  • Procurement:

  • Managing timely material and contract ordering and delivery. Coordinating trades and overseeing equipment, materials, and supplies deliveries.

  • Quality Assurance:
    Performing internal inspections for each trade, offering peace of mind.


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