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Meet X3 Build Inc.
Home Builders In Santa Monica, Ca.

At X3Build, we're more than just residential builders; we're trusted partners in realizing your dream home. Our expertise and leadership in the industry guide every step, from design to completion, ensuring your vision is brought to life with honor and respect for your needs. 

We combine professionalism with unparalleled knowledge, offering complete transparency and open communication throughout the process. Whether you have a blueprint in hand or just a spark of an idea, we're here to collaborate with you, exceeding expectations and delivering an exceptional experience. Let us turn your dream into a reality, built with integrity and lasting value.

Our Team

From the soaring lines of a modern masterpiece to the intimate charm of a cozy cottage, we craft spaces where design and construction dance in perfect harmony. Our journey is fueled by the belief that every project, big or small, deserves the meticulous attention to detail of a masterpiece. We don't just build beautiful spaces; we breathe life into them, ensuring they resonate with your unique vision and personality.

Our design-build approach is a seamless collaboration. Architects and builders work hand-in-hand, like a well-rehearsed orchestra, each playing their part to create a unified and stunning composition. We don't just follow instructions; we listen deeply to understand your dreams and aspirations. From concept to creation, our team is dedicated to transforming your vision into a tangible reality you'll love.

What We Value about custom homes and service.

Our mission at X3 Build is to be the leader in residential construction by providing our clients with unparalleled service, unmatched expertise, and unwavering commitment to quality. We believe in building more than just homes; we build relationships, trust, and lasting value for generations to come.


Safety & Security

Ensuring safety and security in construction is paramount to safeguarding both workers and the public. Through rigorous protocols, advanced technologies, and dedicated personnel, we prioritize creating environments where every individual can confidently thrive.



Transparency in construction is our cornerstone, fostering trust and accountability at every stage. From clear communication to open-book pricing, we are committed to providing clients with full visibility into the process, ensuring projects are delivered with integrity and confidence.


Environmental Responsibility

At our core, we embrace environmental responsibility as a fundamental principle in construction. Through sustainable practices, materials, and innovative techniques, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint, creating spaces that harmonize with nature and contribute positively to our planet's future.


Fair Pricing

In our commitment to transparency and integrity, fair pricing is non-negotiable. We believe in providing competitive rates without compromising on quality, ensuring our clients receive exceptional value for every project we undertake.



Craftsmanship isn't just a skill, it's our guiding principle. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we craft spaces that stand the test of time, reflecting our passion for quality in every nail driven and every beam raised.


Continuous Improvement

We believe in the power of continuous improvement. Through embracing innovation and refining our processes, we ensure that each project exceeds expectations, setting new standards in the industry with every build.

Meet The Team


Architecture and design were in Alex's blood from a young age. Growing up surrounded by a family deeply rooted in the field, his passion for creating and building took root early. Witnessing firsthand the lack of superior craftsmanship and trustworthy contractors during his own development ventures fueled his drive to gain a profound understanding of construction practices.

Now, at the helm of X3 Build, Alex wears two hats: leading the design department and ensuring impeccable build quality. His distinctly personal approach infuses every project with a sense of ownership, treating them as extensions of his own developmental journey. This dedication shines through every blueprint and structure, embodying an unwavering commitment to excellence that continues to shape his remarkable career.


From opulent Manhattan condominiums to L.A.'s high-end residential scene, Kamran's career is a testament to excellence. His journey began at The Alexico Group, a renowned real estate firm known for its luxurious developments. Here, he honed his skills and gained invaluable experience - the bedrock of his expertise.

Returning to his LA roots, Kamran followed in his father's footsteps, venturing into high-end residential and multi-unit construction and development. Combining his pedigree with his seasoned background, he embarked on a mission to leave his unique mark on the industry.

Now at X3 Build, Kamran orchestrates every facet with meticulous precision, a skill honed through years of diverse experience. His dedication to excellence shines through every project, evident in his unwavering commitment and the legacy of accomplishment he carries forward.


Two decades of experience sculpt Poya into a seasoned construction maestro. His journey spans diverse projects, from cozy homes to sprawling developments across civil, residential, and commercial landscapes. This breadth of experience gives him a deep understanding of the industry's intricacies, from conceptual planning to meticulous execution and seamless handover.

Poya's hunger for growth fuels his passion for innovation. He constantly seeks new challenges and embraces pioneering construction methodologies, pushing beyond existing standards to achieve excellence. This unwavering dedication makes him an embodiment of innovation and progress in the construction arena.

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